Friday, April 15, 2016

World War II Tanks in the Western Front

Figures by Matchbox, Marx, BMC, Billy V, Monogram, and Renwal.  Tanks by Renwal, Tim Mee, Marx, New Ray, Tamiya, Monogram, and halftrack by Monogram.
Several US tank platoons scout out a large area of the French countryside, hunting for Kraut Armor.

Leading the column is an impressive M47 Patton Heavy Tank.

Tanks and infantry cautiously move forward, not knowing what they might come across.

Little do they know that German tanks are lurking in the shadows, ready for an ambush!

Rear view of the Panzer IV Ausf. G.

Rear view of the StuG IV.

Rear view of the Panzer IV Ausf. D.

A small platoon of Panzergrenadiers runs alongside the tanks.

Though the Germans are outmatched in firepower and numbers, the element of surprise might give them the slight advantage they need to win the battle.

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