Friday, April 15, 2016

US 101st Airborne Division in France

This post is mostly just an excuse to show off my Conte US airborne figures.  They were not easy to find!  Figures by Conte, Marx, and BMC.  Jeep by New Ray, field piece by HingFat.
The "Screaming Eagles" Division rushes into battle!

A Willys Jeep tows a 57mm anti-tank gun.  The paratroopers will likely use it in an anti-infantry role instead.

Two paratroopers have taken cover behind some sandbags.

An officer opens fire with his .45!  Meanwhile, a minesweeper tries to keep his cool while clearing the path of any mines.

Mortar crewmen load the mortar.

Paratrooper with Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR).  He is probably my favorite figure here.

Paratrooper with Thompson SMG.

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