Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Airfix Figures in the Backyard

Fun in the backyard with recast Airfix figures!  Tank by New Ray.
US Airborne patrol.

US Airborne patrol.

A small US infantry squad section advances on the objective: a fortified German position.

The officer urges his men onward.

Advancing rifleman.

US infantryman draws a bead on the defending Germans with his carbine.

Machine gunner with M1919A6 provides covering fire for his advancing comrades.

Russian rifleman takes aim at a German soldier in the distance.

Barbed wire put in place by the defending Germans.

Germans rush in to defend their position.

Brits join in on the attack.  They are accompanied by an M4 Sherman tank.

The British soldiers pound the German position with accurate rifle fire and grenades.

Even the officer pulls out his revolver and opens fire.

Alternate view of the attacking/advancing British soldiers.

Allied soldiers advance on the objective.

Allied soldiers advance on the objective.

The British break out the heavy mortars and proceed to shell the Germans.  The Krauts don't stand a chance now!

The spotter tells the crew they need to adjust fire; their shots are falling a bit short of their intended target.


  1. Very cool pictures Benjamin! Outdoor wargaming is always the best!

    1. Thank you! You take some great photos yourself. :) And I agree, outdoor wargaming is great fun! Also, I did not know that you had a blog. I will have to check it out.

  2. Thanks! blogs are an easy way to enjoy our hobby. I am sure we will have great fun following each other "production" on the web