Monday, May 30, 2016

World War II Mini-Movie

This is a short movie/slideshow I made depicting some famous battles the US was involved in during World War II set to music by Hans Zimmer.  I made it as my final honors project for my US History class. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Fort Brave

This is the western fort playset by Playmobil.  Though it was originally meant for Playmobil figures, I found that it worked perfectly with more traditional plastic figures as well.  Figures by Classic Toy Soldiers (CTS), Armies in Plastic (AIP), BMC, Toy Soldiers of San Diego (TSSD), Marx, and SCS Direct.  Play while viewing these pictures for full effect.
Inside the fort.

I love the Marx 7th Cavalry figures!


General Hancock surveys the troops.

Marching into battle!


The road to the fort. 
Union casualties.

Dismounted cavalry trooper butting a downed Confederate with the stock of his carbine.

The front gate.

Artillery soldiers crew the cannons.

A duel breaks out inside the fort.

Sittin' around the campfire.

Branding a horse.

The lookout tower!

The firing line.

More casualties.

Zoomed-out view of the whole fort and surrounding area.

General Meade hands off some papers to General Grant.  

Cavalry charges out of the fort!

The left gun ports.

The right gun ports.

Close-quarters combat!

A horde of Confederates attacks the fort.

Confederate reinforcements march in.

The Confederates rush in to take the fort and quickly form a crude firing line.

Point of view from the defending federal soldiers of the attacking Confederates.